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Your favorite kitchen accessories held in elegant gift boxes to collect and present


Is barbecue your favorite hobby? Discover the kitchen accessories perfect for you:

Barbecue telescopic brush: the extendable brush is perfect for greasing and spreading meat, fish and vegetables at a safe distance.
Meat skewer: its flat structure is more stable and secure on the grid, for a perfect cooking of meat.
Fish skewer: to present you with a smile your grilled fish.
Numbered skewers: original skewers to prepare savory and sweet delicacies to offer your guests.


The selection of kitchen utensils perfect for a gourmet presentation of the fruit:

Kiwi scoop: to slip the pulp of kiwi and peel citrus quickly and effortlessly.
Strawberry tongs: a design object to remove strawberry petiole, perfect for buffets and aperitifs.
Orange peeler: a practical ring to affect the oranges and peel them easily.
Spicchino: the ideal blade to split the fruit into 6 perfect wedges with a simple gesture.


The summer is not a season, but a state of mind. Get ready with these original kitchen accessories:

Anguretta: the innovative fork to dig directly into the pulp of the melon delicious morsels.
Angurello: the innovative tool to cut and serve the watermelon in a quick and clean way.


Love is also expressed by the food. Here are the romantic Kitchenware that stole the heart:

Silicone heart mold for cakes and semifreddo
Extensible heart cake mould: adjustable stainless steel mold, fitting the notches on the sides
Set 2 heart pot holders
Heart-shaped baking mold with ceramic internal for 6 muffins
Heart mould: put it into your pan to cook heart-shaped eggs, omelettes, pancakes etc…


The selection of kitchen accessories perfect for chocolate lovers. The gift box contains:

Spalmatutto: the never falling spatula that does not dirty the tablecloth
Decoratutto universale: multipurpose stencil to decorate cakes, cappuccinos and so on.
Grattino: the finger-safe grater for chocolate and spices
Spalmito: the funny finger scoop to spread the cioccolata
Cioccopinza: the tongs for cutting and serving chocolate


The set of kitchen utensils for preparing, cooking and portioning the fresh and dried pasta:

Tagliapasta tagliatelle: the pasta cutter to cut perfect homemade dough strips
Assaggino: the spoon-fork with a long handle to taste the pasta cooking
Tagliapasta ravioli: ideal for cutting disks of dough quickly and effortlessly
Scolapasta: the universal colander that fits to most of casseroles
Dosa spaghetti: the practical rings to get the ideal amount of spaghetti for 1, 2 or 3 people

Happy Hour Lovers

A selection of funny design accessories to prepare cocktails and finger food:

Pestello cocktail: the multipurpose pounder, ergonomic, stylish and easy to use
Frescodrink: 2 pcs. set stainless steel cubes to cool drinks without diluting
Chiocciolina: the cute napkin holder
Coltellino multiuso: the mini ceramic knife
Spilli aperitivo: the appetizer pins with numbers

Pizza Lovers

This gift box is perfect for those who love to make homemade pizza. Here’s what it contains:

Rotopinza: the rotary cutter and tongs to serve slices of pizza, pies…
Spatola multiuso: the spatula to cut and portione the dough and scrape the deposits
Bamat: the bamboo rolling pin from the line Ipac Bamboo
Misurino Universale: the practical measure from the line Ideale

Fish Lovers

Do you want to cook the fish in fast and easy way? Here’s the kitchen accessories perfect for you:

Saponetta inox: the soap that removes the most stubborn smells from hands
Pinzetta lische: the tongs to remove even the smallest and insidious fishbones Squamapesci: the tool to remove all scale from the fish
Spremilimoni: the squeezer that goes directly into the heart of the lemons without cutting it or lemon spills
Spiedino tondo: the original skewer that fits the round plates

Vegetable Lovers

The perfect gift box for the health enthusiasts and vegetable lovers. Here is the selection of kitchen utensils:

Spatola multiuso: the handy spatula to collect the pieces of vegetables on the surface
Salvadita: the stainless steel shield to protect your fingers when you cut, chop…
Svuotadecora verdure: the perfect tool to prepare delicious stuffed vegetables and decorations
Pela asparagi: ideal for peeling delicate vegetables such as asparagus without break them
Mezzaluna: herb chopper with double blade and handy secure grip

Egg Lovers

Eggs are one of the most versatile and nutritious foods, learn how to cook with these kitchen utensils:

Stendi-crêpes: the pancake rake to spread evenly the batter throughout the surface of the griddle
Pennello chef: the mini brush to spread the egg yolk on sweet and savory pies
Formina uovo cuore: the heart mould to cook eggs, pancakes, omelettes
Separachiare: the practical tool to divide quickly the egg whites from the yolks Bolliuova: the egg boiler to cook up to 4 eggs at a time Frusta spumosa: the mini egg whisk for whipping egg whites, the egg yolks and so on.

Sweet Lovers

Una fantastica selezione di accessori da cucina pensata per chi ama cucinare torte e dolcetti:

Mattarello: mattarello in acciaio inox ideale per pasta frolla
Forma biscotti multipla: in un solo utensile tutte le forme più simpatiche per i tuoi biscotti
Ballerina tagliatorta: il divertente segnafette per tagliare porzioni di torta perfette
Stampo cuore estensibile: stampo estensibile per preparare torte da 1 a 4 porzioni
Compasso tagliapasta: il compasso per tagliare cerchi di pasta di diametri diversi