Pelino Mandolina


Mandolin slicer



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About This Project

The exclusive Pelini by Genietti : Collect them all !
4 interchangeable blades 4 different uses:

  • Pelino Patate (potato peeler) with fine blade is perfect for gently peeling \ cut potatoes and carrots.
  • Pelino Rustico (crinkle slicer) to accomplish ripple cut , ideal for preparing homemade rustic chips .
  • Pelino Pomodoro (potato peeler) perfect for peeling \ cut tomatoes without affecting the pulp and create fanciful decorations .
  • Pelino Julienne (julienne slicer) to create thin julienne sticks of your favorite vegetable in a simple, quick and safe way.

Inserting them in Pelino Mandolina , will broaden their functionality , transforming them from simple vegetable peelers in a real tool for slicing easily, obtaining different types of cutting and thickness of the slices.
WARNING : You should not put excessive pressure on the vegetables as you use the Pelini combined with the mandoline base. Sharp, high quality blades do not require excessive effort , but only a careful and aware use. Genietti: 1000 and 1 solution for your kitchen.